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July 21, 2013

Tina Turner: “I’ve reached my Nirvana”

For me, it was very much about business at first. I had to take care of the artist, so I had to take care of Madame" Erwin explained to Hello!, with a smile. "It wasn't appropiate to mingel with the artist privately, but Tina had a vision, she had emotions,she had plans.It was Tina who led the romance and I had to ask my superiors if it was OK for us to date. I remember going to Sir Wilfred Jung and presenting my case. He paused and said: "There is a problem." I said to him: "may I know what that problem is? and he replied: "I could become a little jealous!" "But he also said to me: 'Young man, I do not want to hear in the press that this is over in six weeks time,'"recalled Erwin, who affectionately refers to his new wife as his Schatzi - based on the German word for treasure, or darling.

We also learned that Erwin proposed to Tina when they were on holidays in Croatia, Erwin:“Yes, I got down on one knee, and not for the first time. We were on a yacht, on the Grecian sea, and I asked my friend for his commitment that evening. I said “Whatever I ask for tonight, don’t question me. I explained I needed a romantic bay, so we docked in this beautiful bay in Skorpios. The island where Jackie Kennedy married Aristotles Onassis. THere was music playing, I sank down on one knee, and this time my Schatzi (my love) took the ring and said yes.”

The couple is planning a honeymoon in Italy, where they will be joined by friends, followed by a short stay in Villefranche sur Mer.

“I’ve reached my Nirvana, that happiness that people talk about, when you wish for nothing, when you can finally take a deep breath and say: "Everything is good. And it’s a wonderful place to be". Click on the picture to enlarge.

Something Beautiful Remains
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