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This must be the most amazing story in music business...

Tina TurnerTina Turner is a legend. She´s a woman who didn´t give up. Her dramatic lifestory is known around the world. After years with her violent husband Ike she finally left him and started to rebuild her own career as a solo artist. She was half a million in debt and it took eight years of hard work before she finally hit the charts with Let's Stay Together in 1983. 1984 was the year of her worldwide comeback: she had a huge hit single What´s Love Got To Do With It and a multi-million selling album Private Dancer. She became a legend and a bigger star than ever before. No one was interested in Ike. It was just Tina.

Tina became one of the greatest female rock stars in the world. She is known worldwide for her amazing and spectacular rock concerts (and for her legs...) and powerful and raw voice, but especially in Europe she has become a very popular live act and huge record seller. All of her tours have broke box-office records around the continent. Since 1983, She has had over 20 Top 40 hits in the UK and all of her albums have been UK Top 10 hits. Her albums have sold over 50 million copies worldwide. She´s admired by millions of people around the world and is one of the most beloved singers in the world. Her fans include Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Mark Knopfler, Rod Stewart and David Bowie, just to name a few. Tina deserves the title The Queen Of Rock´n´Roll, and after 40 years on stage she´s still rolling on the river. She really is Simply The Best.

Here is her interesting lifestory, one of the most well-known stories of the music business. Listen to the story...


Anna Mae Bullock was born November 26, 1939. She grew up a small town called Nutbush, Tennessee. Her father was in charge of a farm there. Life wasn't easy, but the Bullocks had a house, and food enough to eat. Even then, the young Anna had a good voice. But she also had dreams. The magazines and songs and films that reached Nutbush showed her a different world. It was a happy, beautiful world, and Anna wanted to live in it.
But although she was happy in her dreams, she was not happy at home. Her parents were always fighting, and soon the fights became much worse. At last, her mother Zelma left for St. Louis and didn't come back. For the 10-year-old Anna and her 13-year-old sister Alline, it was a terrible time in their lives.

But worse was to come. Her father married again, and within a couple of years he packed his bags and moved to Detroit. A cousin took the girls into her house, but then Alline moved to St. Louis to live with her mother Zelma. And when Anna was sixteen, she suddenly asked herself: "Why do I need to stay in Tennessee? Why not follow Alline?"

Anna moved to St. Louis to live with her mother and sister, and in St. Louis, Anna completed high school. She began to go out in the evenings with Alline. That's when she discovered the Club Manhattan - the most famous night club in St Louis. Alline was a regular visitor there, but for months she refused to take her younger sister with her. The, one Saturday after Anna's seventeenth birthday, Alline changed her mind.

There was a band playing at the club that night - the Kings of Rhythm. They were already on stage when Anna and Alline arrived. The two girls sat down at a table and began to listening to the hard, fast music. Then a few minutes later, the leader of the band appeared. He walked slowly across the stage, picked up a guitar, and began to play. His name was Ike Turner.


When Anna first saw Ike he was 24 and she was 16 years old. As a teenager he had played records at a radio station in his home town in Mississippi. Then, while he was still at school, he formed an eighteen-man band: The Tophatters. After a year or two The Tophatters divided into two smaller groups. One of them, led by Ike, was The Kings of Rhythm.

Anna had never heard such exciting music in all her life. Soon she became a regular at the Manhattan. Together with Alline she got to know the musicians in the band. She even told Ike that she wanted to sing on stage with the Kings. "Good idea", he replied, "I'll give you a chance one day soon". But the weeks passed and Anna's chance never came. Then, one night, somebody in the band asked Alline to sing, but she refused so Anna just started singing.

Ike jumped off the stage, ran across the room and lifted Anna off the ground. After that Anna Mae Bullock became one of several singers with The Kings of Rhythm. Ike called her "Little Ann" and started to buy her clothes and jewellery. Pink, silver and blue dresses - he even bought her a gold tooth. Anna thought she was in heaven.

There was a problem, though - Zelma. Anna was still a high-school student and hadn't told her about her new job with The Kings of Rhythm. Then one day a friend of Ike's - another singer - called at the Bullock's house. She asked Zelma if "Little Ann" was ready to come and practice some new ongs with the band. Suddenly Anna's secret wasn't a secret any more.

Mother and daughter argued. At first Zelma simply refused to allow Anna to go on appearing at clubs and dances. Then a few days later Ike drove up to the house in a pink Cadillac. He talked to Zelma and explained that he wanted to look after Anna like an older brother. She had a beautiful voice and he believed she was going to be a big star. Zelma wanted her daughter to be a success, didn't she? Wasn't that what every mother wanted for her children.


At Ike´s suggestion, Anna Mae took the stage name Tina Turner. According to Tina, the name reminded Ike of Sheena the jungle queen from the TV series. During the year Tina, who worked at a hospital during the day and sang at night, gave birth to a boy, Craig, whose father was one of Ike´s band members who had left them soon.

1960 / 1961

Ike and Tina Turner RevueIke´s and Tina´s first hit was A Fool In Love on the Sue label in October 1960. It reached #27 on pop charts and #2 on R&B charts on October 22. The song was mentioned to be sung by a another session singer, but because the singer didn´t show up this song was soon sang by Tina. Due to the success of the single Ike´s band changed its name to The Ike & Tina Turner Revue. The band had three female back up singers called the Ikettes who supported Tina on the background. Tina became a popular and striking stage performer.

In December 1960 the duo released it´s second single. I Idolize You, reached #82 on the pop charts and #5 on the R&B charts on December 31. The duo´s first US Top 20 hit was It´s Gonna Work Out Fine which hit #14 (on the R&B charts #2) on September 18 in 1961, three months prior to the release of Ike and Tina´s debut album, The Soul Of Ike And Tina Turner.

Ike and Tina Turner RevueTina was very happy back then. But the things began to change. Both on-stage and off, Ike Turner controlled the
Revue completely. He chose the songs, the musicians in the band, the clubs they played in - everything. He also began to control Tia. She was also now a mother of two children. She had a second son. Ike was the father. They were now almost a family, with Tina also looking after Ike's two sons from his first marriage. Tina's life was hard and busy. The Revue were now one of America's top black bands. They even appeared on TV, and then in Las Vegas for the first time.

But although they were a success, Ike and Tina still hadn't scored a really big hit in the white pop charts. Ike was prepared to do anything to get one. That's why the Revue toured and recorded so much in the early '60s. Ike knew that Tina was the real star of the Revue. He also knew that without her he might never get the number one records and millions of dollars he wanted so badly. Somehow he had to have total control over her. The answer was marriage.


Soon after the Revue moved from St. Louis to California in 1962, Ike asked Tina to become his wife. She accepted because she was frightened. Two days later Ike drove her to Tijuana in Mexico. Tina expected a real wedding with a white dress and a cake.

January 27 Poor Fool reached #38 in the US and #4 on the R&B charts. Next month the Ikettes and the band (without Tina) released a song called I´m Blue (The Gong Gong Song) which Ike had leased to Atco and made US #19 on the charts.

April 28 Tra La La La La made US #50. Two months later, June 30, You Should´a Treated Me Right peaked at US #89. It was the duo´s last hit for Sue Records. In 1962 the record company also released two Ike & Tina albums: It´s Gonna Work Out Fine and Don´t Play Me Cheap.


October 17 I Can´t Believe What You Say (For Seeing What You Do) reached #95 in the USA and the duo was signed to the Kent label. A pattern of R&B successes that do not always cross over is developing: Ike & Tina became one of the most popular acts of the 60s on the R&B tour circuits; towards the end of the decade they started to break to wider audiences.


Ike and TinaFebruary the duo moved to Warner Bros. Records. They didn´t have any chart entries for this label, but their album Live! The Ike And Tina Turner Show, a recording of their highely-rated stage act at the Skyliner Ballroom, Fort Worth, Texas, made #126 in the US.

In April Ike had recorded with the Ikettes gain, this time for Kent´s sister label Modern. Their song Peaches ´n´ Cream climbed to US #36. In November the Ikettes´ follow-up single, I´m So Thankful, peaked at US #74.

In December the duo filmed a segment, performing It´s Gonna Work Out Fine and One More Time for the TNT Awards Show TV program with Joan Baez, Bo Diddley, Ray Charles, the Lovin´ Spoonful, the Ronettes, Roger Miller, Petula Clark and Donovan.

During the middle of the 60s, the records were selling well, and Ike and Tina were one of America's top bands. Between Ike and Tina themselves, though, things were getting worse. Ike was growing more and more violent. Also he had started going out with other women. Meanwhile Tina still had to be his "pet" at hoe and "Queen of the Jungle" on stage. At that time the Revue toured for 270 days of each year.


January 1966, while moving around in one-off record deals with independent labels like Innis and Pompeii, Ike and Tina met producer Phil Spector who offered Ike $20,000 dollars to put Tina under a production contract. Spector admired Tina´s voice but he didn´t want Ike to be involved in this contract because he was underwhelmed by Ike´s production of records. Ike didn´t have anything to do with this production. Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich were also called to pen songs with Spector. In March Tina recorded her vocal on River Deep, Mountain High after Spector has already spent $22,000 creating the "Wall Of Sound" backing track.

In June the song was released in the USA on Spector´s Philles label, but the song failed to chart well in the US reaching only #8 on June 18. This apparent rejection of what he regards as one of his finest productions is given as a major factor in Spector´s shutdown of Philles immediately afterwards, and his semi-retirement from production. Despite its unfortunate chart run in the US, many critics consider River Deep, Mountain High is to be one of the greatest songs ever.

In July, by contrast, the song hit the UK charts reaching #3 and became the first UK success for the duo. At the same time, Warner Bros. released an earlier track, Tell Her I´m Not Home, which reached #48 in the UK. In Europe Ike and Tina were soon considered major stars while in the USA they were restricted in the R&B circuit.

On September 23 the duo started a 12-date "Rolling Stones ´66" UK tour with headliners The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds, Long John Baldry and others, at London´ Royal Albert Hall. The tour was set to end on October 9 at the Gaumont Theatre, Southampton.

Twenty years later, Tina looked back on that first European tour as "The start of everything for me. I had never known my real home until I came to Europe."

The duo also appeared in a ITV´s show "Ready, Steady, Go! An album, River Deep, Mountain High, coupling Spector productions with new Ike-produced versions of old hits, made #27 in the UK in October. In November their revival of a
Martha & The Vandela´s B-side, A Love Like Yours, reached #68 in the UK. This was a Spector-produced UK follow-up (not released in the USA) from the same session as River Deep, Mountain High.

In December the duo performed during the Christmas week at the Galaxy in Hollywood. Musically then, things were better than ever, but personally Tina was still very unhappy. With River Deep, Mountain High, she had worked without Ike for the first time. It had felt wonderful, but was it ever going to happen again? Tina hadn't confidence to leave and start again on her own, so she just carried on as before. She now says about herself in those days. There was hope, though. During the British tour a friend took Tina to see a woman who said she could read the future.

She told the singer, "You will be among the biggest of stars, and the person with you will fall away like a leaf from a tree." At that moment, Tina now says, she began to believe in herself for the very first time. It was "the beginning of Tina´s escape from Ike Turner."

1967 / 1968

Following the February release of an album The Ike & Tina Turner Show Vol. II, they embarked an eight-day promotional visit of the UK on April 2. During a relatively barren recording period, the only studio release will be So Fine in January 1968.


In February River Deep, Mountain High was re-issused in the UK and it reached #33. In May the duo signed a two-LP deal with Blue Thumb records (for which they mostly made blues) and a long-time-term contract with Mini (the R&B subsdiary of Minit Records). On May 31, Tina and Ike´s revival of Otis Redding´s I´ve Been Loving You Too Long (this song became a vehicle for overt sexuality on stage, with Tina virtually making love to the microphone), on Blue Thumb, reached #68 in the US and I´m Gonna Do All I Can (To Do Right By My Man) on Minit hit #98 on May 17. At the same time a Blue Thumb album Outta Season (which included florid versions of Jimmy Reed, Elmore James, Little Walter and B.B. King´s blues and R&B songs) made #91 in the US. Tina was mentioned to be a producer of the album in addition to Bob Krasnow and Ike Turner. Tina had also written a blues song called I´m A Motherless Child for this album. On June 20 Ike & Tina performed during the three-day Newport ´69 Festival at San Fernando Valley Stage College, Devonshire Downs, Caifornia.

On August 2 a single The Hunter, on Blue Thumb, peaked at US #93. At the same time a Minit live album, In Person, recorded at Basin Steet West, reached US #142.

In October the album, River Deep, Mountain High, was finally released in the US where it peaked at #102. A month later, a second Blue Thumb album, The Hunter, made US #176. On November 7 the duo once again supported The Rolling Stones on their US tour which opened in Denver, Colorado.


January 31 Ike´s composition, Bold Soul Sister, a final 45 for Blue Thumb, peaked at US #59 (#22 on the R&B charts). April 4 the duo´s version of The Beatles´ Come Together (on Minit; with Tina´s strong version of The Rolling Stones´ Honky Tonk Women on its B-side) made US #57. In June an album, Come Together, peaked at US #130.

August 29 the duo´s revival of Sly & The Family Stone´s Woodstock hit I Want To Take You Higher reached #34 in the US (#25 on the R&B charts). This was Tina and Ike´s first hit on Liberty which had absorbed Minit. This song became the highlight of their shows. The Revue´s nightly fee jumped from $950 to $5000. The duo also appeared in variety shows hosted by Ed Sullivan and Andy Williams and performed in the casinos of Las Vegas, instead of dirt-floor roadhouses.

This were also the years the Turners lived in a rich area of Los Angeles called Inglewood. They had a huge house there with an all-green kitchen, mirrors on the bedroom ceiling and a waterfall in the living room. There was a coffee table in the shape of a guitar.

Most of the ideas were Ike's. Tina, as usual, didn't argue. She just worked hard, looked after the boys and tried not to make Ike angry. Then Ike got another idea. He decided to build a place where he could make records. It was only five minutes from the Inglewood mansion and he called it Bolic Sound (pronounced "Bullock" in honour of Tina´s maiden name). At first Tina was pleased. "When he built it, I thought, 'Wonderful - I'll be rid of him.' But then the phone calls started at three 'clock in the morning. Ike wanted Tina to be there.

Ike began to spend more and more time at Bolic Sounds. Sometimes he worked there for five days without any sleep. He and his musicians used drugs to keep awake. And all the time he was looking for just one thing - the Revue's next hit. When it came, though, it didn't come from Ike himself, but from Tina.


Proud MaryMarch 27 an R&B style revival of Creedence Clearwater´s Proud Mary was their first US top 10 hit reaching #4 and selling a million copies. The duo also won a Grammy Award (for Best R&B Vocal Performance by A Group) for this song. Even today, Proud Mary is one of the best and most well-known performances by Tina on stage. She always does that world-known intro:

"Y' know, every now and then... I think you might like to hear something from us... Nice and easy... But there's just one thing... You see we never ever do nothing... Nice and easy... We always do it nice and rough... So we're gonna take the beginning of this song... And do it easy... Then we're gonna do the finish rough... This is the way we do Proud Mary"
And after that she does the easy part, until...

This song was released also on an album called Workin´ Together which hit #25 on the charts and became their biggest-selling record to date. Despite a hugely-successful European tour the single or the album didn´t produce similar chart results in the UK. Proud Mary was certified gold for its sales of one million on May 6.
On June 12 their treatment of Jesse Hill´s Ooh Poo Pah Doo (on United Artist, former Liberty Records) reached US #60.

In September they released a double live album Live At Carnegie Hall/What You See Is What You Get which reached #25 in the US and sold over half a million copies. This was Tina and Ike´s first gold LP. They also appeared in a few movies. Soul To Soul, with a all-black cast, was filmed on the 6th and 7th of March in Ghana to promote the 14th independence day of the country. Ike and Tina performed the theme song for this film. They also appeared in smaller roles in Milos Forman´s Taking Off. In that film they performed a rough version of their 1965´s R&B hit Goodbye So Long. An album ´Nuff Said reached US #108 in December.


Ike and Tina´s first single of 1972, Up In Heah, managed to reach only #83 on the charts on March 18. In August their album Feel Good peaked at US #160. On September 11 Live At Carnegie Hall / What You See Is What You Get was certified gold by RIAA for its sales of 500,000.


More money, more touring and more violence from Ike followed the record's success. It was the same pattern Tina had known for fourteen years. Slowly, though, something new was beginning to happen. Instead of just accepting Ike's violence, Tina started to get angry. She looked around and saw other people changing their lives. All over America women and black people were demanding and winning more freedom. Society had begun to accept new ideas.

Then in 1974 Cher Bono left her husband Sonny. Sonny and Cher had had one of the most famous and public marriages in show business. If Cher could leave Sonny and survive professionally...

Tina first tried to explain to Ike that she needed more independence. "I kept saying things, but he didn't listen. Then he listened and he didn't like what he heard, and he tried to stop me saying it." Ike refused to change, though. Tina was moving forwards towards the '80s, but he was still stuck in the '50s.


TinaIn April Tina started the filming of her role as the Acid Queen in The Who´s movie Tommy. Robert Stingwood had called to Tina and offered her a role in this Ken Russell-directed film. It was rock musical written by The Who and starring Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Jack Nicholson and Ann-Margret. Russell was offering a lot of money, so Ike agreed to let Tina appear.

Tina was delighted. She had always wanted to act. Withing a couple of weeks she flew to London. Around those times Tina and Ike´s not-so-good marriage was already well-documented.

Tommy was important to Tina Turner for two reasons. First, it proved that she was more than just half of Ike and Tina Turner.

Second, it gave her the chance to work with singer and actress Ann-Margret. The two women had met before and liked eachother. Now, during Tommy they became really good friends. After the film, Ann-Margret was going to make a TV "special" in England. She asked Tina to sing in the show and Tina was happy to accept. On the show, she and Ann-Margret sang threesongs together. Proud Mary, Nutbush City Limits and Honky Tonk Women. It was the first time Tina had appeared without Ike and the Revue. As she flew back to California afterwards, though, she decided it was not going to be the last.

Tina´s first "solo" album was Tina Turner Turns Country On, in August 1974. As the title says it was country music and included versions of Hank Snow and Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofersson and James Taylor´s songs. The album was recorded at the Bolic studio with strange musicians and producers. The album didn´t sell very well.

In December Sexy Ida (Part I) hit #65 on the charts.


Tommy was released in the beginning of the year. The movie was extravagant and fierce. Many critics praised Tina´s role as the Acid Queen. They didn´t mention Ike anymore...it was just Tina. But while reviews got better and better, Ike started to get mad himself. He didn´t like it that people were talking just about Tina.

June 28, Ike-written Baby - Get It On reached #88 in the US. This was their last song that charted. It was also one of those rare records on which Ike performed the lead part. On the strenght of her appearance in Tommy, Tina had recorded a solo album called Acid Queen which peaked at US #155 in October. The album included Ike- written songs plus a few version of some The Rolling Stones songs.

Tina was now 35. If she wanted to be a success on her own, she knew she had to leave soon. But it wasn't going to be easy. Ike's drug problem was going from bad to worse. So too was his violence towards her. She couldn't talk to him any more. All she could do was wait.


Acid QueenThe title song of the album, Acid Queen (which was featured in Tommy) was released in January 1976. It failed to chart.

On July 2, all Tina's waiting ended. That day the Revue was leaving California to begin yet another US tour. This time the first concert was going to be in Dallas, Texas. In the car on the way to Los Angeles airport, Ike offered Tina a piece of chocolate. She refused, and he began to hit her. That's when Tina remembers thinking "Today I'm fighting back."

Sixteen years of anger were suddenly set free. She began to kick and hit Ike as hard as she could. She knew this was the end. The couple fought all the way to the airport. They even continued on the plane. Then, in the car from Dallas airport to the Hilton Hotel, Tina told Ike exactly what she thought of him. He couldn't believe his ears, and said, "You never talked to me like this before!" At the hotel they explained the blood on their clothes by saying there had been an accident. Then they went up to their room. There, Ike lay down on the bed - he hadn't slept for five days. Tina waited until he was asleep. hen she looked at her face in the mirror. It was covered in blood. Quickly she washed, then put on a pair of dark glasses and a coat. Her heart was beating faster than it ever had before. And then with just 36 cents and Mobil gas card in her pocket. Tina Turner walked out.

Tina TurnerTina run away from the Hilton Hotel, Dallas, where they were supposed to perform later that night. She run away to another hotel, Ramada In, and asked if she could see the manager. She said she had fought with her husband and took off her glasses and showed him her bruises. She told she couln´t pay at the moment but she promised to do that later on. The hotel gave her a room.

From the hotel Tina called to Ike´s lawyer who knew about the bad relationship between the couple. He told her that he knew some people in Texas who could take care of her. Ike´s lawyer promised to arrange a flight ticket to L.A.

Tina had to move again and again during a couple of months, partly because she didn´t want Ike to find her. Another was that she couldn't afford to pay any of the friends she was staying with. Instead, she helped to clean their houses.

She began repeating her Buddhist words for as much as four hours each day. And she also started carrying a gun. She needed it. One night Ike and several of his friends arrived in cars outside the house where she was staying. Tina refused to answer the door. Instead she called the police. Then, when they arrived, she pointed out of the window and told them "I am Tina Turner. That's Ike. I left him and I'm not going back."

In time, even Ike realized she was serious. That's when he sent the four children to live with her. He also informed her, through his lawyer, that she owed him $500,000 in lost shows and broken agreements. He wanted to make her life as difficult as possible and force her back into the Revue. But Tina didn't change her mind. Instead she got a lawyer of her own and informed Ike that she wanted to end the marriage. She was under terrific pressure, but she never smoked, drank or took drugs.

Instead she simply began to build a new life for herself. It was difficult, but she was happy, because for the first time ever she felt free and had her own friends. For a year Tina didn't work. She says now that she needed a break from music.

In the end, though, she decided to start a new chapter. She found herself some musicians and began to sing again. As soon as she was in front of a band again, she felt all the old excitement. She was now 37 and, although the worst was over, Tina still had a long way to go.

The first and biggest problem was money. She had to live on food stamps and to get some money she appeared on shows like Hollywood Squares, Donny And Marie, Cher and Laugh In. Next was her future in the music business. How was she going to prove that Tina Turner could be a star on her own? Thirdly there was the ending of the marriage. Ike wasn't accepting it easily. In fact he was fighting to keep everything- even Tina's jewelry. In the end Tina decided not to play the same game, and told him: "You take everything I've made in the last sixteen years. I'll take my future"

The divorce judge asked her: "Young lady, are you sure?" Tina was sure. She knew that if she tried to fight Ike with lawyers, it might never end. For Tina, her own life was more important. She had been Ike's wife. Now it was time to be herself.

Ike had called to Michael Stewart, executive of their former record company United Artists. Ike and UA were discussing about a new contract because when Tina and Ike broke up, they had no contract. Stewart called both Ike and Tina and asked them to come to discuss about it. Tina told Ike that everything between them was over. Ike had suggested that to Tina, Stewart could be her manager; Tina would have needed it, but he was also a friend of Ike´s. Still, Stewart gave her a lot of money to organize a new stage show.


TinaIn 1978 Ike and Tina's marriage came to an end at last. By then Tina was already working again. With her new band she was appearing in clubs and hotels in California, Nevada, Florida and even Canada. There was a small European tour, too. It was a beginning, but Tina herself knew that she couldn't just go on singing the old songs.

Tina´s first solo album after leaving Ike was Rough, released in September. It was produced by Bob Monaco and included many interesting songs, both new and old material. She tried to mix her old kind of music with some modern songs, but not very successfull.

Somehow the chemistry wasn't quite right. Tina decided to try and find a new manager and a new record company. She wanted people around her who felt the same way she did. Tina´s record company United Artits had financial problems and Tina lost her recording contract on US markets. At those times, UA was about to become a part of UK-based Capitol/EMI, and because EMI was convinced that Tina´s loyal fans in Britain would buy her records, they continued her contract in the UK. Also Australian Festival Records did it. But in Europe, America and Middle-East she had no contract.


In February a single, Root Toot Undisputable Rock ´N´ Roller, was released. It failed to chart too.

Roger DavisEarly in 1979 everything changed. Olivia Newton-John, one of the stars of the late '70s, asked Tina to appear on a TV "special"- "Hollywood Nights". That's how Tina met Olivia's manager. Then, a few months later, a young man working for him, Roger Davies, came to see Tina's show at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. He'd always been a Tina Turner fan, and he certainly didn't change his mind that night: he thought she was still great. At the end of the evening he agreed to become her new manager.

Roger Davies was a 27 year-old Australian with fresh ideas. He also knew a lot of people in the music business. Tina liked him at once. Together they began work.

Their first problem was that Tina didn't have a recording agreement in America. That's what she really needed. While Roger tried to find one for her, she still had to earn money- a lot of money. That's why she agreed, late in 1979, to do a five-week tour of South Africa for $150,000.

Then almost immediately she began a second tour- this time to Australia and the Far East. The tour was a success, but Roger was growing less and less happy with Tina's show. He loved her voice, but not the musicians and dancers on stage with her. He thought the whole show wasn't right for her. Then, one day in Bangkok, he said to the 39-year-old Tina: "Listen, if we're ever going to change this act, Tina, we've got to change everything- the band - the dancers - everything. What you need is some young musicians with lots of energy. You need to play more rock and roll."

Tina smiled. "OK", she replied. "I'll do it."

Tina´s second solo album was Love Explosion, released in March on United Artist. Tina had flown to London to see the disco eminence Alec R. Constandinos who also produced the album. Again, the album failed to chart. In April a single, Sometimes When We Touch was released. It didn´t hit the charts at all; same happened to Backstabbers, released in November.


Tina´s new band started to form when she was once again performing at San Francisco´s Fairmount Hotel. First she contacted Kenny Moore who was a pianist and singer. Then she found guitarist James Ralston, who brought drummer Jack Bruno with him. Together these two artists suggested Bob Feit, a bassist fron New York. These four artists became the base of Tina´s group.

From Fairmoint the group went abroad. Tina was still able to fill London´s Hammersmith Odeon. The Brits never let her down. She also toured in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But in the USA they didn´t get a lot of gigs. The interest of the record companies was minimal, partly because Ike´s difficult reputation still tainted her.


By the summer of 1981 Tina was ready. She had a new band, new songs, new stage clothes everything. All she needed was a chance to show her act to the music world. That chance came at The Ritz, a club in New York. Roger Davies phoned the owner, Jerry Brandt, and asked if Tina could play there. "I don't care if you don't give us any money", he said, "I've got to get her into New York".

Tina's three shows at The Ritz were a great success. In fact they were so successful that she played there again in October. Famous people came to see her. Magazines began to write about her. And they all agreed. Tina Turner wasn't just an old star of the '60s - she was a new star of the '80s, too.

Tina and RodOne of the friends who came to see her at The Ritz was Rod Stewart. He invited her to appear with him in his concert at Great Western Forum, L.A., on December 18. Together, Tina and Rod sang Hot Legs, and suddenly millions of people woke up to the new Tina Turner.

The next step in Tina's return to the top happened in Los Angeles. Her old friends the Rolling Stones were playing there and Tina went to see them. After the concert one of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, asked her "Why aren't you touring with us?" "You never asked me" replied Tina. That mistake was soon put right and Tina appeared with the Stones at three shows in New Jersey that November. Together on stage, she and Mick Jagger sang Honky Tonk Women and the crowd went wild. Suddenly the words "Tina Turner" and "comeback" began to appear together in the music papers.

Britain has always been good to Tina. It was the first country to make River Deep, Mountain High a top ten hit in 1966. Then in the late 60s and the 70s it was always British fans who gave Ike and Tina their biggest welcome in Europe. Now Britain stepped into Tina's life again.

Jagger, Bowie and TurnerIn the end of the year Davies got a call from Virgin Records in the UK. Ian Craig Mars and Martyn Ware from Heaven 17 and the British Electric Foundation wanted Tina to sing The Temptations´ Ball Of Confusion on their LP Music Of Quality & Distinction. They wanted to use the latest musical ideas and all of their favourite singers. Would Tina sing Ball of Confusion for them? They offered her $2,000 and a first-class air ticket to London. She accepted.

Tina recorded the song in just a few hours. Ware and Craig Marsh couldn't believe it. Her voice was wonderful and she didn't need to record anything twice. Everyone was sure the record would be a success. And it was - in Europe, but not in America. For Tina it was the story of River Deep, Mountain High all over again.

The song was backed by electric backdrops and it wasn´t a kind of rock Tina wanted to do. Anyway the finished track brought her a renewed notice as an active vocalist. It was released as a single too, but it wasn´t a big success.

Back in America it was a difficult time for both the singer and her manager. Davies had decided to contact the L.A. headquarters of Capitol Records. It was an American company owned by British EMI. Capitol wasn't interested - but the international department of the company had heard about her success on the B.E.F. album and was interested; so was producer John Carter. When they started to work out the recording contract he took Tina to studio to record Animal´s When I Was Young and Motel´s Total Control and half a dozen other songs. Everything seemed to be fine. But then the record company got new managers and they weren´t interested in contracts made by the former managers. After this disaster she and Davies returned to The Ritz in New York. But in one night everything changed.


Keith and TinaIn December Davies got a call from Capitol New York´s office. They wanted Davies to add 60 names to their guestlist at the Ritz club! Her guest list was notable: Keith Richards, David Bowie and John McEnroe. But that wasn´t all. Bowie, who had just signed to EMI, met top executives from all over the world at a listening party for his up-coming LP Let´s Dance. Bowie had announced that he´s going to go to see his favourite singer Tina Turner. And EMI executives followed him and Tina was ready to do her comeback. For Tina, the show that night was unbelievable. At the end everyone stood up and shouted for more.

Afterwards there was a party at the Plaza Hotel until 8.30 a.m. A few days later Tina got a new recording agreement with Capitol and soon the company was very eager to release her songs. What to record as a first single? - that was the next question. For the answer, Roger Davies contacted British EMI if they could work with B.E.F. again. EMI was excited. Heaven 17 had become one of the hottest bands of the country. They answered in four words - "Get Tina over here".

To get money for the trip to England Davies arranged her a show in Stockholm´s amusement park. Then they flew to England to record with B.E.F.


In England Davies booked EMI´s Abbey Road studios. They had no idea what would she sing but Ware had insisted that he had a song for her. But before the recording they found out that Ware hadn´t got time to do the song. The result was that Tina recorded Bowie´s 1984 and Al Green´s Let´s Stay Together. She had always loved that song. Again she only needed to sing it once, and again Ware and Craig Marsh couldn't believe their ears. "Every note she sang was as it should be" says Martin Ware.

EMI was enthusiastic about the new song. But Capitol didn´t like it. Davies also started to organize an European tour for the fall when the new single was set to be released.

Let´s Stay Together became a huge hit in Europe. Roger had organized a few gigs for Tina at London´s Venue. They had to play more gigs than planned because tickets were selling extremely well. The press praised Tina. She also performed in Top Of The Pops, and Davies hired the director of the show, David Mallet, to direct a music video for the new single. He had previously made the promo video for Ball Of Confusion. The new music video was quite simple and it didn´t cost a lot at all.

In December her Marsh/Ware-produced cover of Al Green´s Let´s Stay Together, hit #6 in the UK. Despite its success, Capitol wasn´t interested in it. But soon many import copies were flooding to the USA. It became a favorite song of the dance clubs and soon Capitol woke up and decided to release the single.

Tina Turner was back on the charts.


March 24 Let´s Stay Together hit #26 in the US. Suddenly Capitol was eager to release an album. Davies had organized thirty new concerts for Tina in the UK. She was a huge star in there and every show of her´s were sold-out. But Capitol wanted the dates to be cancelled and Tina to go to studio. Davies said that he won´t cancel the dates because it was the Brits that stayed loyal during the bad years. He contacted John Carter who was still working for Capitol´s A&R department and explained that Tina should record in England. Every musician who admired her was in London. Carter agreed and told him to send every studio bill to L.A.

While Tina toured, Roger collected new material. One was Better Be Good To Me, a song previously performed by American band Spider. Both Tina and Roger loved that song. But they needed nine tracks more. Then Davies called Terry Britten, and old friend of his who had just moved to London. He had two songs to give: Show Some Respect and What´s Love Got To Do With It. Roger liked the latter one and got Britten to produced his two tracks. Next Roger booked a studio and contacted producer Rupert Hine. He wanted Hine to produce Better Be Good To Me.

Hine liked the track and as a fan of Tina since River Deep, Mountain High he promised to look another song for her. He asked if Tina could meet his girlfriend Jeanette Obstoj with whom he composed. Obstoj listened Tina´s life story and the result was I Might Have Been A Queen. "I remember the girl in the fields with no name...", said the song. When Tina heard the demo tears came in her eyes.

Then Roger decided to play What´s Love Got To Do With It and Show Some Respect to Tina. It was a disaster; she didn´t like them. But Roger persuaded her to meet Terry Britten. She agreed, and told him directly that she didn´t like the songs. But Britten, whose favorite song was Nutbush City Limits, said that the songs can be made better like she wanted.

Next Roger called to his friend and Dire Straits manager Ed Bicknell who offered them a rock song called Steel Claw. Unfortunately he had no extra Dire Straits songs to give, and Mark Knopfler, the songwriter of the band, was too busy to write songs for her. But then he remembered that there was one unused track because Knopfler had felt the track should be performed by a female singer. The title of the song was Private Dancer.

When the studio bills started to pill up, Roger called to John Carter if he could come to see how the recording was doing. Carter came, liked what he heard and helped to produce Private Dancer and Steel Claw with an accompaniment by Dire Straits. Because the band had no solo guitarist, Roger turned to Jeff Beck who arrived to the studio with his brand new Stratocaster. After the recording he asked Tina to inscribe her name to his guitar.

That was busy time for Roger and Tina. They met numerous possible producers and tested numerous songs. After Terry Britten had finished his two songs, he was persuaded to produce an agressive version of Ann Peebles´ hit I Can´t Stand The Rain. Rupert Hine produced Better Be Good To Me and in the beginning of April - after Let´s Stay Together and 1984 from the B.E.F. sessions were added - Davies had enough songs for an album. There was also a cover of The Beatles´ Help for the European release. The recording had taken two weeks and $150,000. Roger sent the tapes to Capitol. After that Tina and Roger flew to the US to support Lionel Richie´s Can´t Slow Down tour.

In May Capitol released What´s Love Got To Do With It in the US to promote the up-coming album. Only 11 radio station had taken it to their playlists, and that´s why Roger forced Capitol to promote it more. After two weeks in release, the song was on te playlists of over 100 stations. By mid-June the album Private Dancer, was at #101 and the single had made it to Top 50 and was still rising.

What´s Love Got To Do With It was released in the UK in June and in July it hit #3.

What's Love Got To do With it?R&B/rock/pop-fused Private Dancer was an impressive achievement. It climbed on the charts and finally, in August, it hit #3 in the US; in the UK it had reached #2. It was in US Top 10 until May 1985. The album has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and it is her biggest-selling album in the US (over five million sold copies). The critics praised it, and by mid-August What´s Love Got To Do With It was #2 in the US. In the end of the month it was certified gold by RIAA.

On September 1, after the tour with Lionel Richie, What´s Love Got To Do With It hit #1 (Tina´s biggest hit in the US) where it stayed for three weeks. Before she heard about it she received a call from Australian director George Miller who offered her a role in his up-coming new Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson. Miller had no idea that she was a fan of The Road Warrior. Tina accepted the offer. Then, while writing autographs at Tower Records, she heard about the #1 position...suddenly, Tina was everywhere.

Meanwhile, in September, her other single, Better Be Good To Me, written by Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn and Holly Knight, hit #45 in the UK. On November 24 it hit #5 in the US (#6 on the R&B charts). By year´s end, she honors an commitment, booked during her lean years, to perform at the series of McDonald´s sales convetions.

November 18 Tina performed live at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards, held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

In December Tina´s Mark Knopfler-written Private Dancer, with Jeff Beck handling the lead guitar part, hit #26 in the UK.

December 22 Tonight, a duet with David Bowie, reached #53 both in the US and UK. The song was written by Bowie and Iggy Pop.

1984 Rolling Stone Magazine Music Awards Critics´ Pall gave Tina the following awards: The Artist Of The Year, Female Vocalist Of The Year, Soul / R&B artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Single Of The Year. Readers´ Poll gave her awards for Female Vocalist Of The Year and Soul / R&B Artist Of The Year.


In January 1985 Tina performed at the Rock In Rio festival at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, along with Rod Stewart, AC/DC, Queen and Whitesnake.

After winning two American Music Awards (Favorite Female Artist, Soul/R&B, and Favorite Female Video Artist, Soul/R&B) at the 12th annual American Music Awards, held at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Tina participated the recording of USA For Africa´s We Are The World, on January 28.

Tina´s European Private Dancer Tour started on February 19 in Helsinki, Finland. The European tour ended on May 9th in Basel. Canadian rock artist Bryan Adams supported Tina during the tour. Her European tour broke European records, and her eight original West German dates were extended to 30.

GrammyOn February 26, at the 27th annual Grammy Awards, What´s Love Got To Do With It won Grammy Awards for Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Best Female Vocal Performance. Tina also received a Grammy for Better Be Good To Me for Best Female Rock Vocal.

On March 23 the title track of her album, Private Dancer, hit #7 in the US. In the same month she also played five sold-out concerts at Webley Arena. Her cover of Ann Peebles´ I Can´t Stand The Rain hit #57 in the UK. It was a bigger hit in Germany and France.

On June 11 her new single Show Some Respect hit #37 in the US. At the same time the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was released. The movie is the third part of the Mad Max series which has achieved a cult status. The third part tells about Max (Mel Gibson) who wanders on deserts after the nuclear war and arrives to Bartertown, an arrogant and barbarian town run by Aunty Entity (Tina). Max helps the people of the town but soon the people banish him to the desert. He´s saved by a group of children who live in a weird society in the desert. Together with the children Max starts to protest despotism of Bartertown. The movie went to gross $36,200,000 in the US making it the biggest-grossing part of the series. Tina´s role as Aunty Entity was striking and she got new role offers. For example Steven Spielberg had offered her a role in his award-winning movie Color Purple three times but Tina had refused because the character was too close to her real life experiences and home background.

Live AID 1985On July 13 she appeared in the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia and she dueted raunchily with Mick Jagger. This powerful act is also appeared in the cover of Life Magazine.

In August the title song of the Mad Max movie was released. We Don´t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) hit #3 in the UK and on September 14 it reached #2 in the US (#3 on the R&B charts). It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal, Female and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song - Motion Picture in 1986. In October she released another single from the Mad Max movie called One Of The Living. It hit #55 in the UK and in December it reached #15 in the US (#41 on the R&B charts). The song gave Tina a new Grammy, for Best Rock Vocals, Female. In November Tina´s duet with Bryan Adams was released. This song, It´s Only Love, was released on his label (A&M Records) and it hit #29 in the UK. On January 18 1986 it hit #15 in the US. On December 8 Tina got an NAACP award for Best Actress for her role as Aunty Entity.

In 1985 Tina moved to London. She also met Erwin Bach, German EMI executive who then became Tina´s boyfriend. Tina and Erwin are still together but there are no marriage plans. Erwin´s 16 years younger than Tina but what´s age got to do with it? From London Tina moved to Cologne and from there to Zurich in 1994. Currently she also has a villa in south of France.


At the 13th annual American Music Awards, held again at the Shrine Auditorium on January 27, Tina nabed the Favorite Female Artist, Pop/Rock category. On June 20 Tina participated Prince´s Trust concert with Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams and Elton John. The highlight of the show was Tina´s and Paul McCartney´s duet Get Back. In July Tina´s autobiography "I, Tina", co-written by MTV´s Kurt Loder, was released. It became a huge bestseller and in the book "I Tina" told openly about her and Ike´s violent marriage. On August 28 she received her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, outside Capitol Records´ headquarters on Vine Street. In September Tina released Typical Male (with Phil Collins on drums) from her up-coming album. It hit #33 in the UK and a month later it reach ed #2 in the US (#3 on the R&B charts) on October 18. On September 15 It´s Only Love won the Best Stage Performance category at the third annual MTV Video Music Awards at which she also performed. The show was broadcasted simultaneously from the Universal Amphitheratre, Universal City, and The Palladium, New York.

The Break Every Rule album was released in October. The album was variously produced by Bryan Adams (who co wrote and also played on Grammy-winning Back Where You Started), Terry Britten, Bob Clearmountain, Neil Dorfsman, Rupert Hine and Mark Knopfler. It reached #2 in the UK. In November Two People from the new album hit #43 in the UK. At the same time Break Every Rule reached #4 in the US selling a million by November 6.

In 1986 Rolling Stone Music Awards Readers´ Poll Tina gave Tina awards for Best Female Singer Of The Year and Comeback Of The Year.


In the US Two People reached #30 (#18 on the R&B charts) on January 10. On March 4 Tina started her worldwide Break Every Rule World Tour in Munich, West Germany. Her tour broke box office records in 13 countries and made Tina one of the richest women in the world. Financial backing was provided by Pepsi-Cola, for whom she filmed a live commercial. By now the album had hit #1 in nine countries.

On April 4 What You Get Is What You See from the Break Every Rule album hit #30 in the UK. and #13 in the US. The title track of the album, Break Every Rule, hit #74 in the US in May and #43 in the UK in June. In August she started her US tour.

On June 27 Tearing Us Apart, a duet with Eric Clapton, reached UK #56.

In September RIAA certified five million sales of Private Dancer.


Tina in Rio 1988On January 16 she broke world records by playing to the audience of 182,000 people in The Maracana Stadium, Rio. It is the largest audience ever assembled by a single performer.

In March her live version of Robert Palmer´s Addicted To Love reached #71 in the UK. On 23 she joined Mick Jagger on stage at the Kerakuen Dome, Tokyo. They performed It´s Only Rock´n´Roll and Brown Sugar together. Tina´s tour ended on 28 in Osaka, Japan. Altogether she had 230 concerts (over 80 in Europe) in 25 countries and altogether four million people saw her. The tour was the biggest concert tour ever in Europe.

A double-live album Live In Europe was released in April. It was recorded during the Private Dancer and Break Every Rule tours around Europe and included duets with David Bowie, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton and Bryan Adams. It reached #8 in its first week in release in the UK on April 2 and #86 in the US. The album also won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, Female.


On January 18 Tina inducted Phil Spector, the man behind River Deep, Mountain High, into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, at the fourth annual dinner at New York´s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. She also sang Honky Tonk Women with Mick Jagger.

In June she recreated her role as the Acid Queen in Tommy for a Los Angeles charity event, as a part of the Who´s reunion tour. She also completed the recording of her up-coming album which had been recorded in Paris and Los Angeles.

In September 1989 Tina hit the charts again. Anthemic The Best (written by Holly Knight and Mike Chapman), featuring an Edgar Winter sax solo, hit #5 in the UK and stayed in Top 10 for four weeks. It was a massive hit around the world and reached #15 in the US on November 4. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female. The Best has become a frequent song in TV commercials and sport competitions. It´s still very popular song and one of the most well-known hits of Tina. It´s also Tina´s favorite song.

A month later Tina´s new album Foreign Affair was released. It featured Tina as producer and arranger too. It entered British charts at #1 on September 30 and it spent altogether over 70 weeks on the charts. In the US it reached #31 and sold gold by November 27. The album included four songs written by Tina´s new collaborator Tony Joe White from Memphis. At the same time she also played with John Cleese in a comedy called Hysteria 2 at London´s Sadler´s Wells Theatre.

On November 26 Tina celebrated her 50th birthday with a lavish party attended by a host of stars including Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Bryan Adams and Duran Duran at London´s Reform Club. Video messages of congratulations were sent by David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Annie Lenox and Dave Stewart. In December ballad I Don´t Wanna Lose You, from her latest album, hit #8 in the UK and stayed at the same position for three weeks.

In December The Foreign Affair World Tour was announced. 150,000 tickets for England´s Woburn Abbey shows were sold in record time.


January 6 Tony Joe White-written Steamy Windows, the third single from Foreign Affair, hit #39 in the US; a little later it reached #13 in the UK.

In March it was reported that Tina´s new album had sold more copies in the UK than Private Dancer. It had gone quintuple-platinum in the UK and reached multiplatinum status in 14 countries selling millions of copies in Europe.

Tina on Tour 1990On April 27 the European Foreign Affair Tour kicked off in Antwerpen, Belgium. The tour became the biggest concert tour in Europe ever and it ended in Rotterdam on November 4. On June 28 she played at the Palace of Versailles and became the first female artist ever to perform there.

In August Look Me In The Heart, the fourth single release from Foreign Affair, hit #31 in the UK. In the US it reached #67 and on the Adult Contemporary charts #8. In October Be Tender With Me Baby reached UK #28.

The Foreign Affair Tour ended in November. Tina played altogether 125 shows to 3,5 million people which made her tour the biggest tour ever in Europe.

December 1990 Tina duetted with her friend and fan Rod Stewart, although the song It Takes Two (an old classic of Motown) was recorded in the different parts of the world. It was originally the song for the UK Pepsi-Cola advertisement and it reached #5 on the British charts. These two artists reportedly got altogether £1 million for their work.


January 16 Ike & Tina Turner were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, at the sixth annual dinner, at New York´s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, with Phil Spector accepting the award on their behalf.

September 9 The British Electric Foundation´s Music Of Quality & Distinction Volume 2, with Tina´s A Change Is Gonna Come, was released in the UK.

Nutbush 90' VersionIn September Nutbush City Limits (90´s version) was released. This new version of Tina´s own classic from the 70s reached #23 in the UK on September 28.

The greatest hits collection Simply The Best with three new tracks was released in September. It reached #2 in the UK on October 19 and stood on top 50 chart for almost three years. It was #1 in twelwe countries. In the US it peaked at #113 on November 16 but during the next three years it went platinum. The album contained also three new tracks. Worldwide the album has sold over six million copies, including two million copies in the UK.

On 26 November Tina received a quintuple-patinum award in London to mark the UK sales of Foreign Affair. She also received a solid silver CD in honor of her 52nd birthday, from label-boss Rubert Perry.

Four days later Way Of The World, one of the new songs from the Simply The Best, hit UK #13.


January 11 Two Rooms - Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin, with Tina´s The Bitch Is Back, hit US #18.

February 15 Love Thing, also a new cut from Simply The Best, reached UK #29. The music video for this song was directed by Michael Bay who is now a well-known movie director in Hollywood. In February BBC1-TV broadcast A Girl From Nutbush, a TV program about Tina´s life including interviews, videos, concert clips etc. In April she participated in the Grand Opening of Euro-Disney near Paris.

June 13 I Want You Near Me, the third single from Simply The Best reached UK #22.

In July Tina signed a new recording deal with Virgin Records in America.


January 1993 Tina donated $50,000 to help open the Exchange Club - Tina Turner Child Abuse Center in Ripley, Tennessee.

March 24 she was one of the award presenters at the 35th annual Grammy Awards, held at Shrine Auditorium, L.A. She gave Eric Clapton an award for Record Of The Year.

March 2 she participated in the concert at New York´s Carnegie Hall, to benefit the world´s rainforest with Bryan Adams, Herb Alpert, Tom Jones, George Michael, Sting, James Taylor and Dustin Hoffman.

April 30 Tina was one of the eight honorees at the sixth annual Essence Awards, at the Paramount, New York. She also guested NBC-TV´s Late Night With David Letterman.

Tina Turner MovieMay 12 Tina was honored with the Outstanding Contribution To The Music Industry at the World Music Awards hold at the Sporting Club, Monaco. She also performed her up-coming single and the theme song of the movie about her life, I Don´t Wanna Fight (which was written by British pop singer Lulu and Steve DuBerry), in the show. Two days later, she guested NBC´s The Tonight Show. On May 27 she performed I Don´t Wanna Fight on BBC1´s Top Of The Pops. Two days later, the single hit UK #7.

At the 6th of June she kicked off her first North American tour in six years. The What´s Love? Tour also extended to Australia and New Zealand. At the same time Touchstone Pictures premiered What´s Love Got To Do With It, a movie based on Tina´s autobiography "I, Tina". The movie was directed by Brian Gibson and Tina´s role was played by Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne played Ike. The gross for the movie´s opening weekend was $3,620,000. Eventually the movie grossed $38,930,000 in the US. The movie was critically-acclaimed and both stars´ work in the movie was praised. Angela Bassett got a Golden Globe for her powerful performance and both her and Fishburne were nominated for Academy Awards. In the UK the film grossed £3,420,000. The US rentals produced $18,250,000.

MovieThe soundtrack of the movie was released in June too. The What´s Love Got To Do With It soundtrack included updated recordings of earlier hits with Ike plus three new cuts. The album hit #1 in the UK in its first week on June 19 and a month later, on July 17, it reached US #17. I Don´t Wanna Fight hit US #9 on August 14; it was #1 on Adult Contemporary charts and #3 on radio play list. The song got two Grammy nominations: Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female and Best Song Especially Written For TV or Movie.

Tina also had a small cameo role as mayor in Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McTiernan´s blockbuster Last Action Hero.

September Tina sang at the Australian Rugby League championship game in Sydney, Australia. Disco Inferno, released from the soundtrack, hit UK #12 on September 4. It was a revival of the Trammps 1978´s song.

October 30 Why Must We Wait Until Tonight (co-written by Bryan Adams) reached UK #16. In the US it peaked at #97
a week before.

14 December Tina´s star was unveiled in an inaugural ceremony with 15 other artists at the Sidewalk Of The Stars outside New York´s Radio City Music Hall. A few weeks later, Tina´s What´s Love Live? Special was aired on Fox-TV. It was recorded in San Bernandino during her tour.


I don't wanna fightIn March Tina moved to Zurich, Switzerland, and took a well-deserved year off.

October 23 I Don´t Wanna Fight was named one of the Most Performed Songs Of the Year at the annual BMI Awards Ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel.

In November, RIAA certified platinum sales for the albums Simply The Best and What´s Love Got To Do With It.


GoldeneyeIn 1995 the producers of the up-coming James Bond film Goldeneye asked Tina to record the title song for the movie.

Because Tina had been working on a new album since August -95, she asked Bono from U2 to write a song for her album. When Bono heard that Tina was going to perform a title song for the Bond film he wanted to write the song. Eventually Goldeneye was written by Bono and The Edge (from U2 too) who, by the way, are Tina´s neigbours in the southern France. The single became a massive success in Europe and England. It reached #10 in the UK in its first week on November 18 and #3 on the Eurochart Top 100 single list. The video of Goldeneye was as awesome as the song itself: it featured gorgeous-looking Tina wearing a stylish silver dress and clips from the movie. The Goldeneye movie became the biggest grossing part of the series. In December Tina also announced that she´s going on a massive world tour in 1996.

December 3 Tina performed Goldeneye at VH1´s inaugural Fashion & Music Awards. She also performed together with Elton John.

Three days later she performed the same song at the 1995 Billboard Music Awards, broadcast live on Fox-TV from New York´s Coliseum.


In February Tina was made a Chevalier of Arts and Letters which is France's highest arts honor. Philippe Douste-Blazy, France's culture minister, pinned the medal on Turner's lapel during a ceremony at Paris' Palais des Congres. The medal is awarded only to artists who are considered to have made notable contributions toward popular culture in France. A select group of other foreign-born artists too have received it include Bob Dylan, Sharon Stone and Clint Eastwood.

The first single release from the up-coming album was released in March. Melodramatic Whatever You Want, with an awesome and futuristic music video featuring great-looking Tina again, reached #23 in the UK in its week of entry on March 23 and #11 on the MTV European Top 20 chart. This awesome video was directed by French photographer and director Stephane Sednaoui who has also been working for Björk, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Wildest Dream Album EUROThe Wildest Dreams album itself was released in the beginning of April and it reached #4 in the UK and was a Top 10 hit in numerous European countries selling eventually over 2,5 million copies. This album was produced by legendary English producer Trevor Horn, The Pet Shop Boys, Terry Britten and Nellee Hooper. The album included songs written by Sheryl Crow, The Pet Shop Boys, U2´s Bono and The Edge, Terry Britten and Graham Lyle, Brenda Russell, Tony Joe White and James Ralston and German Tab Two. The album sold gold in Australia and New Zealand and too.

A month after the release Tina started her two-year worldwide and mostly sold-out The Wildest Dreams World Tour at the Bercy Paris, with a special appearance by Bruce Willis and his band on May 3. Again, the tour became very succesful. It fastly became the biggest grossing concert tour in Europe and it included over 120 sold-out shows on stadiums and arenas in Europe from May to December and about 250 shows worldwide. Tina insured her body and voice for £5million for her European tour: £3million against injury and cancellation of gigs and her voice was covered for a further £2million.

The Wildest Dreams tour was the most spectacular tour she had ever done. The highlight of her concerts was her latest huge hit Goldeneye. In the beginning of the song there is a huge golden eye on the background of the stage. Then during the intro the eye opens and Tina enters to the stage. While Tina sings the eye shows clips from the James Bond movie Goldeneye.

Tina Turner Wildest Dream TourWhile touring around Europe, there were four single releases from the new album: On Silent Wings, written by Tina´s band member James Ralston and Tony Joe White and featuring a special appearance by Sting, was released in April and reached #13 in the UK in June and #45 on Eurochart Top 100. Missing You, a cover of John Waite´s hit from the 1980s, released in July, hit UK #12 and #70 on Eurochart Top 100. Something Beautiful Remains, released in September, reached #27 in the UK and in December In Your Wildest Dreams (featuring soul singer Barry White) reached UK #32.

The first American single release from the album was Missing You in August. The music video (which was directed by photographer Peter Lindberg) for the single was also a commercial for Hanes Hosiery. Unfortunately, the single peaked at #86 and disappeared from Billboard charts soon. It was #16 on Adult Contemporary charts. The album was released in September but it managed to reach only #61 on Billboard´s Top 200. Many critics gave the album only average or even worse reviews. The other single releases from American Wildest Dreams was In Your Wildest Dreams in November. It didn´t reach Billboard Top 100 but hit #37 on the R&B charts. The album got a gold award from Canada for its sales of 50,000.

1997 / 1998

Before Tina started her Australian dates of her world tour, she guested numerous American TV talk shows including Larry King Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, David Letterman etc. promoting her up-coming tour in May.

Tina started her Australian leg of her world tour on February 28. She played altogether 18 concerts down under after which she did some shows in New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Kenny MooreOn March 23 Kenny Moore, Tina´s long time pianist and friend, was found dead in his hotel room in Townsville, Australia. During the rest of the tour many songs were dedicated to the memory of this wonderful pianist.

In May she started the American tour which opened in Houston, Texas on May 2. Despite the fact that Wildest Dreams wasn´t a hit in the US, her tour became a success and she had 57 concerts in the USA and Canada. The tour ended with five sold-out dates at New York´s Radio City Music Hall on 27 July. Her tour was sponsored by Hanes Hosiery and popular talk-show host Oprah Winfrey joined Tina for some dates in Texas in the beginning of the tour with her TV-group. The Wildest Dreams tour in America grossed $24,800,000 making it the 7th biggest-grossing tour of 1997. After the tour Tina wanted to have time for resting. Her concert video Wildest Dreams - Live In Amsterdam, released in 1996, was nominated for a Grammy and an NAACP award.

Eros and TinaBy the end of 1997 Tina recorded a song Cose Della Vita / Can´t Stop Thinking Of You with Italian superstar Eros Ramazzotti. Tina had invited Eros to a party of her´s and she had played Eros´ song Cose Della Vita from 1993 there and added some English lyrics. Then Eros had asked Tina if she´d be interested in recording a duet. English lyrics were written by James Ralston and Tina. The song was released as a single in the beginning of 1998 and it became a Top 10 hit in many European countries and reached #6 on the Eurochart Top 100 single chart. According to Music&Media the song was the 8th biggest European, non-British radio hit and the 32nd biggest hit of 1998 in Europe. Eros´ album, called simply Eros, which included the song was also a huge hit in Europe and has sold over 5,8 million copies all over the world. During Eros´ European tour in the summer 1998 they performed their song five times on stage and this live version of the song was released on Eros´ latest album Eros Live, released in October 1998. Tina had also performed The Best in the concerts because she thinks that Eros is simply the best...


March 1999 there were two new Tina songs on two new albums. The first one was He Lives In You, a song for the European video release of The Lion King II: Simba´s Pride. Tina had been asked to perform the song and she decided to do that as she liked the lyrics. The song is available on Disney´s The Lion King Collection: Songs From And Inspired By The Lion King Movies. The second song is Easy As Life which also features African singer Angelique Kidjo. The song was composed by Tim Rice and written by Elton John and it´s available on Elton John And Tim Rice´s Aida, an album full of stars such as Lulu, Janet Jackson, LeAnn Rimes, The Spice Girls, Sting and Tina and Elton of course. The album includes music from the John / Rice stage musical Aida which had its world premiere in October 1998 as Elaborate Lives: The Legend Of Aida. The show will be on Broadway too.

Divas Live 9913 April Tina will be participating the VH1 Divas Live ´99 show with Whitney Houston, Cher and Brandy at New York´s Beacon Theatre. The show is a sequel to last years hugely popular VH1 Divas Live show which featured Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Shania Twain and Mariah Carey. The show became the biggest-rated show of VH1.

It has also been confirmed that Tina and Elton are going on a tour together this fall. This couple will tour in North America, Australia and New Zealand. They will also have two New Year´s special shows in Las Vegas at the end of this year.

There´ll be a new greatest hits album (Vol. 2.) in October. Tina will probably record a few new songs for it.

At the moment Tina lives in Zurich and south of France, with her long-time boyfriend Erwin Bach. She´s got a villa in Cap Ferat near to Nice, France and her neigbours include Elton John (who sometimes borrows a wig from her) and U2.

October is a very emotional month for Tina. First she gets a lifetime MOBO Award in England. Lionel Richie is the one who present it to her. Shortly after this event, Zelma Bullock, Tina’s mother, died in her sleep in a hospital, at the age of 81 years. Even though, Tina didn't cancel the taping of the Celebration Birthday Special, which is taped in London. After the taping she flies to the US to pay respects to her mother.

Life goes on and the single “When The Heartache Is Over” is released. Tina announces a new world tour for the year 2000 during a Paris press conference. November: Release of the new album “Twenty For Seven”.


Tina Turner 24/7 TourThe second single of 24/7 is released in Januari. Tina has started the rehearsals in South Africa for the upcoming tour. The opening night is in Minneapolis March 23, and the first two songs are broadcasted. The first part of the tour ends in June, East Rutherford, and Europe will have his part of the show. There are not too many shows and in August it all ends in Poland, Sopot.

Tina keeps busy and in August she is back on the road again in the US. This time the tour starts in Boston, and the last show of the 24/7 tour ends at Anaheim December 6th. Tina is such a professional lady. Even though she is sick, no one in the audience noticed she was, only the real fans. She gave it all!!


We are working on a possibility of musical based on the life of Tina Turner. This would not come out until 2005 / 2006. In addition, there is a possibility of Tina Turner appearing in a Merchant Ivory film. Phil Collins is in Switzerland this week recording Tina Turner's song "Great Spirits" for the upcoming movie "Brother Bear."

Brother Bear PremiereBROTHER BEAR PREMIERE NEW YORK 20 OCTOBER; The inimitable, one and only, most fabulous, essential Miss Tina Turner paid a special visit to New York last night. She was in town for the glamorous premiere of Disney's new animated feature, "Brother Bear." Turner, you see, sings in the film, along with Phil Collins. And so she came to the New Amsterdam Theatre, home on most nights to Disney's stage production of "The Lion King." And so did the paparazzi who blew off the premiere across town of Angelina Jolie in Paramount's soggy "Beyond Borders." Tina vs. Jolie is no contest apparently.

"We love you, Tina!" was the shout that came from most of the photographers, and they meant it. People go crazy around Tina Turner. And mind you, she is tiny, about 5'3". She is also quiet. But when she walks, oh those legs -- they haven't changed. She wore black leather boots that came up to her knees. She had on a mini skirt and a tight top too. Her hair was the color of copper, cut in a shag but back to its old consistency from the late 60s and not standing four feet over her head.

On the red carpet, there was one of those disjointed moments from pop culture when you wish you had a camera. Turner was introduced to Estelle Harris, the actress known for playing George's mother on "Seinfeld." Turner was bewildered. Harris seemed awed. It was surreal.

"You're the best thing around," Harris said to Turner. You know, whatever. I wonder if anyone got a picture. Once we were safely inside the theatre, a publicist came up to Turner. "Everyone wants to know what you're wearing," she said. Turner replied, "The top is Celine, and so is the skirt. The boots are Chanel. The hair is Tina Turner and so are these!" She meant the legs.

Did I tell you that Tina Turner will turn 64 years old next month? Hot stuff, huh? So what's she up to? Not much. "I'm living in France and Switzerland, enjoying my retirement," she told me. Is she gardening? "No!" she said, as if I were crazy to suggest it. "Even her manager is retired," joked her manager, Roger Davies, who came with her.

Also accompanying Turner was her boyfriend, former record exec Erwin Bach, with whom she's lived since 1986."When the movie ended, Tina got on stage and belted out her "Bear" song with Collins. It's called "Great Spirits", and when she was done, Turner and company split for London without a moment to spare.



Tina is currently in pre-production for a Merchant Ivory film that is set in India. It will be filmed in autumn this year in Asia.In town to shoot for a Merchant-Ivory production, music legend Tina Turner was spotted savouring a Cabernet Sauvignon at Ricks, Taj Mahal Hotel Bigger Picture. While the city went berserk as Bryan Adams belted out Summer of ’69, ageless pop diva Tina Turner – best known for What’s Love Got To Do With It? and Better Be Good to Me – savoured her wine and enjoyed a quiet dinner at the Taj Mahal hotel.

What brought Turner to the city? Was she here on a spiritual rejuvenation trip? Or was she here to hear Adams perform live, which isn’t really surprising, because, reportedly, Turner does tune in to his music. But, if you really wanna know, ask Ismail Merchant. Producer Merchant told Entertainment Weekly the film is called The Goddess. Turner plays Kali in the movie.

The buzz is that Turner was spotted at Ricks with Hollywood actor Matthew Modine, who is also in town to promote Le Divorce, Merchant and Ivory’s new romantic comedy. Turner’s visit has been a hush-hush affair. Still, guests couldn’t have missed Lady Long Legs, as she was popularly known in music circles, savouring a glass of the Rs 9,000 a bottle Cabernet Sauvignon at Ricks, dressed in an elegant brown dress.

“From Ricks, she moved on to dine at the Machan. It was here that one could notice that the diva was having a good time,” says a guest. Turner, 64, once famously announced that she planned to work till she turned 90.

Oprah's 50th BIRTHDAY

It might have been Oprah Winfrey’s golden 50th, but the television phenomenon was definitely “in the pink” Thursday as she walked into her show’s West Side Harpo studio that had been decked out with tens of thousands of roses in various shades of the superstar’s favorite floral colors. But before facing 300 specially-invited guests – and her millions of viewers – Oprah threw her own, much more intimate, personal 50th birthday party Wednesday night at Chicago’s Metropolitan Club, located on the 66th and 67th floors of Sears Tower.

Joined by approximately 70 close friends, her father, Vernon Winfrey, other family members and godchildren, Winfrey’s super-exclusive guest list was clearly limited to those especially near and dear. That group also included Coretta Scott King, her longtime “best friend,” broadcaster and key “O” magazine editor Gayle King, and jazz great Ramsey Lewis, who serenaded the talk show legend with a special “Happy Birthday.”

In a very thoughtful toast to his significant other, Winfrey’s longtime beau Stedman Graham explained he’s spent an incredible amount of time with her, an experience he said was difficult to put into words. Graham went on to say how “truly extraordinary” she is and noted her ability to make women realize their potential. But Graham thanked Winfrey for allowing him “as a Black man to be able to realize my own dreams” and to help him “exercise my own imagination to allow me to fulfill those dreams.”

At the end of the Wednesday party, Winfrey herself addressed her guests, expressing gratitude to both her parents for giving her life and thanked God for making 1954 her birth year – noting the significance of “Brown vs. the Board of Education” and it’s impact on her as an African-American.

The far more glitzy Harpo Studios bash Thursday focused far more on Winfrey’s life in the public eye. On the live, 9 a.m. broadcast, King kicked things off in grand fashion – quickly introducing “my co-host” John Travolta – who emotionally thanked Winfrey for “changing the lives” of millions, specifically highlighting her wide-ranging efforts to fight AIDS and bring education to southern Africa. The actor was soon followed by Winfrey’s friend Tina Turner – causing the TV queen to literally drop her jaw as Turner whipped the crowd into a frenzied sing-along of her classic, “Only the Best.”

That was only the beginning. Stevie Wonder serenaded twice, including “Happy Birthday to You” with specially scripted “Oprah-esque” lyrics. A highlight of the show came when a 400-pound banana-flavored, rose-bedecked designer birthday cake was wheeled out by none other than Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

The hour-long broadcast was packed with taped video tributes. Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts led things off. Tom Hanks sang his own humorous Oprah birthday song. Maria Shriver thanked Winfrey for being a “best girlfriend” who she “could call at any hour of the day or night – and have!” Diane Sawyer turned risqué and held up a black lace thong as something important to as a wardrobe addition to women “coming over the hill” to their 50s. Winfrey’s “The Color Purple” director Steven Spielberg congratulated her on “always getting it right” and Halle Berry stayed in character – and full costume – as “Catwoman” to wish Winfrey well – complete with quite a crack of a very long bullwhip. Other taped tributes came from Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Nelson Mandela, Sidney Poitier, Quincy Jones, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and the cast of “Sex and the City.”

After the live broadcast, the guests – ladened-down with commemorative “Oprah’s 50th” t-shirts, pajamas, tote bags and journals – were escorted into an adjacent studio for a gourmet lunch catered by Wolfgang Puck, while hot pop star Josh Groban and a band from South Africa entertained the lucky crowd.

In April, Tina announced she has plans to release an album on November 1st, 2004, with a newly recorded single currently scheduled to be released on 25th October. The process of co-ordinating track listing and music, is still going on, therefore it is not available yet.

In October Tina started her promotion tour with "Open Arms". She went to England, Holland, France, Germany, Italy and Swiss.

September: With sensual, soulful and powerful vocals that have been part of music history for over four decades – Tina Turner is back with a new album. ‘All The Best’ is set for release by EMI Records on 1 November 2004.

For the first time, the highlights of Tina’s unrivalled career have been united on one double-CD anthology. ‘All The Best’ is the comprehensive and essential collection of recorded works by this unique and Iconic performer. Across two discs and 33 tracks, it features the songs that first made her famous in the Sixties, reviews two decades of spectacular solo recordings, and then brings the story right up to date with three newly-recorded songs. One of these, ‘Open Arms’, produced by Jimmy Hogarth, is set to be released as a single on 25 October 2004.

‘All The Best’ is an album that will delight the legions of fans who have followed Tina’s extraordinary creative journey, just as it will seduce new admirers. The array of hit songs on the collection is mesmerizing, from ‘River Deep Mountain High’, ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Nutbush City Limits’, via Turner’s early emergence as a solo superstar with ‘Let’s Stay Together’, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ and ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ right through to hits of the ‘90s like ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’, ‘Goldeneye’ and ‘When The Heartache Is Over’, the latter from her album, 1999’s ‘Twenty Four Seven’. But this is no time warp

'All The Best’ features three completely new recordings by Tina, all of them showing that her vocal majesty continues its reign to this day. The powerful new performance ‘Open Arms’f" is joined by ‘Complicated Disaster’ produced by Steve Robson and ‘Something Special’, produced by Trevor Horn. As if that wasn’t enough, there are some gems for the Tina collector in there too, including a live-in-London version of ‘Addicted To Love’ and her duet with Italian says, Anna Mae Bullock was in recording sessions as early as 1953, when she was barely a teenager.

As the massively successful film ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ would later depict, she had to haul her way up a mountain of debts and disinterest. But with the help of young Australian manager Roger Davies, Tina refound the rock 'n' roll raunch of her best records, infused it with her intuitive soulfulness, and started again. In 1982, she landed a new solo deal with Capitol Records. By the summer of ‘84, fuelled by the acclaimed leadoff single ‘What's Love Got To Do With It?’, ‘Private Dancer’ was on its way to world sales of 11 million .

What's followed has been a breathless catalogue of collaborations and achievements on record, on screen and as an author. They included a role as Aunty Entity in ‘Max Mad: Beyond Thunderdome’; a duet with Mick Jagger at the greatest live event in music history, Live Aid; a raft of Grammy Awards; a bestselling autobiography, ‘I, Tina’; record and concert dates with fans like Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Elton John, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler; and record-breaking concert tours all around the world.

New York-based Indian author Suketu Mehta is penning the next Merchant-Ivory production "The Goddess" starring Tina Turner in the lead role. Directed and produced by the duo of Ismail Merchant and James Ivory, "The Goddess" is inspired by an old Indian fable of a ghost who asks riddles to a king. "Tina Turner is playing the goddess and she will sing four songs composed by tabla maestro Zakir Hussain," Mehta told IANS. He is now on a tour of India to promote his new book on Mumbai, "Maximum City: Bombay Lost & Found". "The songs would be in English with snatches of different languages," he said. November: TINA RETURNS WITH NEW ALBUM, ‘ALL THE BEST’ OUT 1 NOVEMBER 2004 in Europe. The album will be released in the US and Canada February 1, 2005

Gold for Tina Turners "Cologne - November 22. All The Best" Tina, with her Soul voice since over 40 years one of the large icons of the rock music, received gold for her current single CD "Open Arms". On the occasion of the November ending of Wetten Dass…? used the delegation of Capitol Music Germany the opportunity to present the artist the gold Award.


January, Tina starts a promotion tour in Canada and the US. She is scheduled for Oprah, Regis & Kelly, The View, The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneress show and CTV.

January 21. "All the Best" has sold 25.000 copies in Belgium. This means a Gold record.

April: Tina went to Copenhagen to celebrate the anniversary of Hans Christiaan Anderson and to sing 2 songs.

May: Merchant Ivory dies. The film, The Goddess, will not be filmed with Tina. There was never a finished script.

Singer Tina Turner says she loves living in Switzerland because everything is so strict. The 64-year-old has lived in a lakeside home in Zurich with her boyfriend, German record company executive Erwin Bach, for nine years. In an interview with Radio Times magazine she says she loves the fact everything runs as it is supposed to.

She says: "I appreciate order and control. I like it that everything is done according to the rules. This is very much my kind of place." The music legend says she is unlikely to marry her boyfriend, who is 16 years younger than her.

She said: "We're like an old wedded couple anyway, so we really don't see the need."She divorced her musical partner Ike Turner in 1978 following an abusive marriage. The star also says she owes the resurrection of her singing career to David Bowie after he persuaded her record label to attend her concert when they were thinking about dropping her. Turner said: "Luckily it was a wonderful show, with a very special energy, and seeing it and the crowd's reaction completely turned round how Capitol viewed me."

"All the Best - The Live Collection", will be relesed on November 15 to compliment the "All The Best" double CD album release. Packaging will be standard double amaray case with booklet.

Tina is in Berlin/Germany at the "Goldene Kamera"-Show, on February 9, 2005. She will perform her song "Complicated Disaster" and she is the winner in the categorie "Best Artist Pop International". Tina arrived in Berlin and walked over the red carpet together with Erwin. When she came into the studio she got standing ovations. She received the Golden Camera, talked to the people and sang "Complicated Disaster". It was not playback and she danced parts of "When the heartache is over" together with the three girls. She left the venue right away. Guess this appearience was good for the public. A woman said on TV that Tina was the highlight of the night. She was simple, cute and not overdressed as many other guests. February 14. Tina was in Baden-Baden/Germany yesterday! (Feb.13) Hillary Clinton got a Media Award 2004. There were probably 100 guests invited, including Tina! April 2. Tina Turner performed at the 19th century author's bicentennial. The singer said Friday she will participate in a televised show at Copenhagen's national soccer stadium on April 2, the anniversary of Andersen's 200th birthday.

"He is, so to speak, 'simply the best' and one of the great storytellers ever," Turner said in a statement released by the organizers of the jubilee.

Turner performed before an audience of 38,000, among several European royals and international celebrities, including British actor Roger Moore, Australian Olympic gold medalist sprinter Cathy Freeman, and American crooner and civil rights promoter Harry Belafonte.

September 1. Sugar Records announced that Tina recorded a duet with Elisa and that the song "Teach Me Again" is used in the UNICEF inspired film "The Invisible Children", it was a one off for a specific charity project.

September 6. Tina Turner to get Kennedy Center honors. Tina Turner, Robert Redford and Tony Bennett will be getting lifetime achievemen t awards from the Kennedy Center in Washington.

In a statement, Kennedy Center Chairman Stephen A. Schwarzman said, "We honor five extraordinary American artists whose unique and abundant contributions to our culture have transformed our lives. Tony Bennett is a brilliant musician and singer's singer whom even the great Frank Sinatra called the best there is; Suzanne Farrell's profound artistry has inspired the creation of masterpieces and is teaching ballet to a new generation; for half a century, the enchanting Julie Harris has been one of this country’s most acclaimed and revered actors; Robert Redford is an actor/director whose extraordinary support of independent film has had an immeasurable impact on filmmakers and audiences alike; and Tina Tuner's sizzling talent and indomitable spirit has made her one of the world’s best-loved entertainers."

The honorees will also get to meet with President Bush at the White House. A gala will be held in their honor at the Kennedy Center on Dec. 4.

November 3. The Women of the Year Award is a new award to be made each year by the Women of the Year organisers to an exceptional woman whose conduct in both her personal and her public life has been both brave and bold, building her life on her own terms and motivating women throughout the world to survive and to succeed with style and character.

November 26. Russian Secret Charity Ball Approximately 100 famous businessmen and pop stars from the U.S. and Europe, including singers Elton John, Tina Turner and supermodel Naomi Campbell, are due to attend the event.The ceremonies to raise funds for charity will take place in Yusupovsky palace in St. Petersburg and in Yuekaterininsky palace in Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar’s Village), former residence of the royal families and visiting nobility 24 km south of the Russia’s northern capital.

December 1. Tina and Oprah were in NYC at the Color Purple broadway premiere.

December 2. Tina Turner a legend of American music, earned accolades from a broad array of pop and jazz stars Sunday during the Kennedy Center Honors.

In honor of Turner, Queen Latifah sang "What's Love Got to Do With It," Melissa Etheridge sang "River Deep, Mountain High" and Beyonce Knowles performed "Proud Mary."

Oprah Winfrey called herself "Tina's biggest known groupie" and spoke of seeing Turner perform live, advising the star-studded audience at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, "Add that to the list of things you do before you die." Beyonce Knowles' tribute to Tina Turner at the Kennedy Center Honors in New York on Sunday night (04DEC05) almost fell on deaf ears when her microphone cut out seconds into her performance.

Dressed in a red, ragged Turner-style outfit, Knowles performed a rousing version of Proud Mary but not without incident.

Ever the professional, the former Destiny's Child star soldiered on as a stage hand dashed on to replace her faulty mic and then continued with an event-stealing performance.

Queen Latifah also performed a tribute to Turner, who was honoured alongside Tony Bennett by US President George W Bush at the black tie affair.

Earlier Sunday, the president welcomed members of the 28th annual class of honorees at a White House reception. "Each of these honorees, in a lifetime of achievement, has set a standard of excellence that is admired throughout the world,'' he said.


November 16. Tina was present at the premiere at the Bond movie Casino Royale at the Abaton cinema in Zurich.

November 27. Only news on the album is that she recorded a couple of tracks with Guy Chambers a while back but we've not taken them any further yet. She's not working with anyone else nor has any plans to record any other songs.


Ike's death.

December 12, 2007. Turner issued a brief statement through a spokesperson regarding the death of her former husband Ike Turner:"Tina is aware that Ike passed away earlier today. She has not had any contact with him in 35 years. No further comment will be made."


Return to the stage.

February 10. At age 68, Turner performed together with Beyoncé at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards that was broadcast live on CBS. It was Turner's first major public performance since her record-breaking Twenty-Four Seven Tour just over seven years earlier. In addition, she picked up a Grammy as a featured artist on River: The Joni Letters.

February 11. Tina joined Russian stars on Monday to crank their best hits as Russia’s likeliest next president Dmitry Medvedev and other top Russian officials celebrated gas giant Gazprom’s 15th anniversary. Tina also regaled the audience with her signature “Private Dancer” and 9 other hits. Some Russian newspapers wrote that the gas giant paid 2.5 million for Tina.

April 29. Tina announced that she would embark on her Tina: Live in Concert Tour in Kansas City, October first 2008. This is Tina's first tour since Twenty Four Seven. Tina, Cher & Oprah spill super secrets at talk show taping: a very special luxe life! For superstar TV titan Oprah Winfrey her taping with legends Tina & Cher was memorable television – and maybe the best ever talk show of her career! Tina, at 68, admitted Oprah and Sophia Loren talked her into coming out of retirement for one last tour.

May 5. She performed a concert at Caesar's Place in Las Vegas with long time friend Cher.

September 30. Tina released a new 18 track CD and digital collection of her top hits, rare live recordings, and two exclusive new tracks. The album. Tina!: Her Greatest Hits. will support her upcoming world tour: Tina: Live in Concert.

October 1. Tina Turner started her latest world tour in Kansas City Missouri at the Sprint Center.

December 13. The North American leg of the tour ends in Toronto, at the Air Canada Centre.


January 14. The European leg of the tour starts in Cologne Germany. She will perform there for 4 nights.

"I always thought of Tina as a myth in the music world" - Eros Ramazzotti -

"I couldn't say no. I went by the studio that same night, did it, and had a ball! Who could refuse Tina Turner? - Sting about his appearance on Tina's On Silent Wings

"I never felt sorry for myself. Once you start the self-pity, you're dead - you're in the box. I didn't allow myself to go in that friggin' box. That's the message. Don't accept it. Keep going." - Tina Turner -

Something Beautiful Remains
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